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Here are 5 Things You Should Never Disclose to Your Friends with Concrete Pools

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1.  All the time you’ve had with Your Family while They’re outside Cleaning the Pool

Please, never mention all the times you’ve watched them, dripping with sweat, brush and clean the pool from your air conditioned kitchen.  They don’t have a choice you know.  Because of the porous surface of concrete pools, weekly brushing of the entire pool is recommended to remove any algae that imbeds into the surface.  Yes, I know you probably never brush your fiberglass pool.  Why would you?  The surface is non-porous, inhibiting the growth of algae, and that makes your life really easy.  I know you feel guilty, maybe you could volunteer to brush their pool for them next week….NOT!!!

2.  What You’ve done with the Money You’ve Saved on Chemicals

Clothes for the kids, a few nights out to dinner, they’ll never know how much more they spend on chemicals per year than you do and what they could be doing with the money….no need to even bring it up.  It’s because of that porous surface thing again.  It takes a lot more chlorine or other sanitizer to kill the algae and other bacteria imbedded in those pours.  Because your fiberglass pool doesn’t foster algae growth, it only requires a fraction of the chemicals used by your friend’s concrete pool.

3.  How non-abrasive the Fiberglass Pool surface is

I know they told you that their kids have to wear water shoes while swimming in their concrete pool because the surface is so rough, so you never want to tell them how gentle, but skid-resistant, the surface of your fiberglass pool is and how easy it is on your children’s feet.

4.  That you don’t need to Plan for Costly Repairs

I’m sure that they’re aware that they’ll eventually be spending $10-$20k on tile, coping, and plaster work, so there’s no need to point that out….not to mention acid washing every couple years.  They’re responsible, I’m sure they’ll plan their budget accordingly.  But you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank with costly renovation work with your fiberglass pool because the lifetime cost of ownership is significantly less.  The vast majority of fiberglass pools installed in the United States since the 1970’s have never had any major repair work.

5.  That you Don’t Stress over pH and other Water Chemistry Stuff

You’ve seen your friends dumping gallons of acid into their pool, but you probably didn’t know why.  It’s because concrete pools are naturally alkaline and raise the pH of the pool water.  Therefore, it’s much more difficult to keep your buddy’s water balanced than in your fiberglass pool that is inert and does not react in any way with the water in your pool.  That’s just one less stressor you have to deal with, but remember……let’s keep it hush, hush.

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