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Pool Restoration

Cross Pool Restorations is the leading residential and commercial pool resurfacing company in
Southern California.

Over 5000 installations in the last 25+ years has earned us an unsurpassed reputation as today’s leading trusted expert in the fiberglass pool and spa resurfacing business.
Our unique resurfacing operation transforms old pool surfaces into sparkling pools that look brand new and last for decades.

Composite material reinforced with fiberglass is a resurfacing process designed to eliminate costly pool surface problems such as dingy appearance, stains, cracks and leaks.

The 6 step resurfacing procedure we have developed and employ is specifically designed to bond and reinforce the existing concrete/plaster found in many conventionally built pools and spas. Composite material installations are also used in many other structurally sound surfaces such as old fiberglass linings of pre-manufactured fiber glass pools and spas found in many backyards.

The goal we set for Cross Pool Restorations is to continue to develop the most user friendly, longest lasting pool and spa surfaces on the market today.

With the help of chemists, chemical engineers and our continued knowledge expanded by our installation experiences and constant work with composite material fiberglass laminates in the field, we are positioned to be the viable fiberglass resurfacing solution for years to come with a product that will continue to last and last and saves you money.

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Spa Restoration

Pool resurfacing is only part of what we can do for you.

Cross Pool Restorations has done extensive composite material reinforced with fiberglass resurfacing installations on other aquatic containment vessels as well the most obvious being Spas.

These include but are not limited to Spas, Fountains, Basins and Artificial Ponds & Streams. Their shape and structure may look different but the same quality composite material with fiberglass and the same resurfacing techniques and standards apply.

The solution and end goal is the same. Make a water-tight, corrosion resistant, aesthetically pleasing, long lasting surface for your container.

If it needs to hold water chances are we can provide a solution for you.

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Pool & Spa Repair

Sometimes the total resurfacing of a pool or spa is not called for.

Older fiberglass pools, spas and other aquatic containers may over time develop cracks on their fiberglass surface.

Cross Pool Restorations can evaluate the issues you are having with you existing fiberglass surface to see what options are available.

There may be an underlying problem with your surface.

A free evaluation and estimate from Cross Pool Restorations can educate the consumer as to which solution is right for them.

In many instances a simple patch to the offending area may be all that is required saving you down time and money.

The same quality and techniques used in our resurfacing process are applied to our repair process which will ensure a water-tight seal.

This is a viable and economic option that we’ve found our customers appreciate.

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